Services & Rates

New Client Intake

$60.00 per 90 minutes

One 90 minute session for new clients.  Therapist will conduct a detailed intake, identify key areas of concern, perform palpation assessments, static/dynamic movement analysis. and work to establish a baseline therapeutic relationship with client.  

Goal-specific Body-work 30

$35.00 per 30 minutes

One 30 minute session for goal-specific body-work.

Goal-specific Body-work 60

$70.00 per 60 minutes

One 60 minute session for goal-specific body-work. 

Goal-specific Body-work 3pk60

$180.00 per 60 minutes

A package of three 60 minute treatments for clients who need bimonthly or more sessions for chronic-pain management

Goal-specific Body-work 6pk60

$360.00 per 60 minutes

Pack of six 60 minute treatment sessions for goal-specific body-work.  

Goal-Specific Body-work MLD50

$60.00 per 50 mins

One 50 minute session for site-specific manual lymph drainage for post/pre-surgery, orthopedic, and various soft-tissue and joint-complex injury traumas.  Fee includes kinesiotaping protocol post-MLD to influence fluid dynamics for as much as three days after.

Maintenance Phase 90

$100.0 per 90 Minutes

One 90 minute session for overall maintenance phase body-work.

Maintenance Phase 3pk90

$270.00 per 90 minutes

Invest in yourself, save money, and keep on top of your health!  Pack of three 90 minute sessions for overall maintenance, timely tune-ups, and ever-evolving self-correction strategies.  

Maintenance Phase 6pk90

$540.00 per 90 minutes

Pack of six 90 minute sessions for clients who have cleared goal-specific and/or acute-phase care.

CDT Acute

$900.00 per variable

Twelve (12) Session complete decongestive therapy package for clients with acute lymphedema/lipedema.  Therapy includes applying reroute protocol, bandaging and garmenting as needed, and self-care and exercise instructions.   Sessions may last up to two hours.  Bandaging and garmenting materials will be billed separately and at cost.

CDT Maintenance

$100.00` per 90 minutes

One 90 minute session (recommended monthly) for clients with lifetime risk of developing lymphedema, or have successfully completed a course of 12 session CDT treatment.

Fitness Assessment 120/60

$150.00 per 120/60

One 120 minute session to assess/identify overall movement efficiency, postural and kinetic deficiencies, baseline cadio-vascular and neuro-muscular fitness, joint-integrity and proprioceptive awareness levels in order to tailor an appropriate corrective exercise and personal training strategy.  Includes 1 training session designed to address kinetic chain deficiency established through the assessment process.

Maintenance Phase 120MLD

$120.00 per 120 mins

One 120 minute session for full-body manual lymph drainage for the general population.

Corporate Chair/Table 4Hour

$450.00 per 4 hours

4 hours of corporate chair and table body-work, by contract.

Corporate Chair/Table 6Hour

$650.00 per 6 Hours

6 hours of corporate chair and table body-work, by contract.

Corporate Chair/Table 8Hour

$850.00 per 8 Hours

8 hours of corporate chair and table body work, by contract.

Health Seminar

$1200.00 per 8 Hours

8 hour educational seminar on the importance of body-mechanics, movement-awareness, and specific instruction on static and dynamic stretching, and strengthening/activation strategies of muscle groups specific to job environment and occupational strain.  Attendees will walk away with self-care techniques for on and off the job injury prevention and performance optimization.

Home Visit 90

$120.00 per 90 minutes

Body-work for bed-bound, limited mobility, post-surgery, and special circumstances clients administered in the comfort and security of their home.

Home Visit 4Two

$150.00 per 60 Minutes

Set of two general or specific body-work sessions, 60 minutes each, to be administered to two individuals in the same home visit.