Qualifications 2017           Corrective Exercise Specialist                     National Academy of Sport Sciences, Chandler, AZ  2016      ...


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I work within my scopes of practice as massage therapist, lymphedema therapist, certified personal trainer, and corrective exercise specialist to help optimize various types of tissue that comprise the human movement system. I engage clients through an extensive intake to identify therapy goals, design a prospective treatment plan, and let their tissues guide the work which, together, we monitor, respond to, and adapt as necessary throughout the length of a clinical partnership.  

I use range of motion with resistance techniques, gross and fine fascial manipulation, cranio-sacral assessments, trigger-point techniques, positional relief, manual lymph drainage, bandaging & taping, all aimed at movement re-patterning, tissue regeneration and pain relief.  

The ultimate focus of my practice is to teach clients strategies for self-correction and enrich them with simple yet effective, timely, and life-appropriate corrective exercise technique so they may funciton at optimal, and experience great health through preventive behaviour.  

I seek clients with challenging clinical conditions, chronic and sub-acute.  I find my work focusing around complaints of the jaw, chronic headaches, all sorts of shoulder, hip, and knee joint issues, chronic-pain relief & full-body manual lymph drainage for auto-immune complaints, complete decongestive care for patients with life-time lymphedema risk, and preventive/maintenance body-work for elite athletes, dancers, and musicians.  As a personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist, I can work with any client who is in the post-rehabilitation stage of treatment for a myriad of conditions.  

The driving force of my practice is identifying appropriate therapy goals with clients, and helping them achieve results, acknowledge changes, and most importantly, modify behaviour, so they may retain the results gained for a lifetime  

I look forward to working with you towards a more healthful world.